The History Of Broad Street

Named in the 1860’s by the then governor of the Lagos colony Sir John Hawley Glover G.C.M.G of the Royal Navy (Governor Glover), Broadstreet was home to her majesty’s Broad street prison which has now ironically become an icon of financial freedom centuries after.

A broad street just like the name implies, it occupies an impressive 1.12km stretch of the famous Lagos Island and is notably home to multiple financial institutions, ranging from Commercial banks, Investment banks, Commercial businesses (formal & informal), Insurance companies to fashion houses and even restaurants.

Situated in the heart of Lagos Island, Broad street connects major financial players of the economy to create a productive rhythm for the pulsing cities of West Africa.

Another Interesting fact about Broadstreet is its proximity to one of Africa’s largest stock markets- the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), which is an estimated 5 minutes walking distance and the headquarters of many commercial banking giants of the Nigerian economy.

UBA HQ view from Broad Str.

Source: Wikimedia Common

Governor Glover

Source: Wikipedia


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Broad Str.

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