Over the years, a culture has been created around the net worth of celebrities and the elite in our society. The addition of new members to the Forbes list creates a lot of hype on social media. There have also been scandals involving celebrities falsifying their net worth. So, what really is net worth and why is it so important?

Net worth refers to the value of the assets a person or corporation owns, minus the liabilities they owe. It is a metric for measuring a person’s wealth. In finance, the net worth of a business is the shareholder’s equity. In the calculation of net worth, assets are items owned by an individual that have monetary value. Liabilities, on the other hand, are obligations that deplete the individual’s resources.

Society commonly associates net worth with something positive. However, the fact remains that an individual or a business can also have a negative net worth. Positive net worth exists when an individual’s assets exceed their liabilities, while negative net worth exists when an individual’s liabilities exceed their total assets.

Now that we know to calculate our net worth, let explore the different categories of net worth we have:

  • The ‘Affluent Individuals’ comprising individuals with a net worth of less than $1million but more than $100,000. A lot of middle-class working individuals fall within this category.
  • The ‘High-Net-Worth Individuals’ (HNWI) who are people are with a net worth between $1 million and $5million.
  • The ‘Very-High-Net-Worth Individuals’ (VHNWI) comprising individuals with a net worth between $5million and $30million.
  • The highest category, the ‘Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals’ (UHNWI), comprises individuals with a net worth above $30 million. This category holds the world’s billionaires. According to the World Ultra Wealth Report (2021), there are 295,450 people that fall within this category which accounts for $35.5 trillion dollars of the world’s wealth.

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