Have you ever heard someone say, ‘You cannot get rich working a 9-5 job’? Most of us have heard this however, many of us are career driven. I do not think everybody can be an entrepreneur, so how can you build your wealth while retaining your 9-5 job? This article aims to guide you on how to generate passive income. Let us dive right into it.

Robert Kiyosaki once said, ‘A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they are not working’. Passive income follows this principle. Following this logic, passive income includes earnings from rental property, limited partnership, or other businesses in which a person is not actively involved (J. Chen, 2020). In other words, passive income is money earned regularly with little or no effort from the individual receiving it.


Self-charged interest activities: Here, the individual loans money to a business or a partnership, the interest income on the loan qualifies as a passive income.

Rental properties: Income from real estate properties rented out qualify as passive income because the investor or owner earns income from those properties with little or no effort. Online platforms that enable you invest in real estate and earn a fixed income include Rise and

No material participation in a business: Here, the investor funds or contribute to a business with the agreement that the owner would pay a percentage of earnings without the investor participating actively in the operations of the business in any meaningful way other than making the investments. Online platforms that enable you to partake in this type of investment include PiggyVest, Agropartnership, Crowdyvest e.t.c.


Dividend Income: One of the common ways of generating passive income is investing in dividend stocks. Here, the investor buys stocks and long-term for long-term capital appreciation and dividend income (R. Farrington, 2021). Dividends are returns distributed to the shareholders of a company from the company’s earnings or profits. Dividend payments can be in either cash or stocks that can be traded for cash. Several online platforms allow you to invest in shares, these platforms include Trove, Bamboo, Interactive brokers, E*Trade, etc.

Rental Income: Rental property is an amazing way to bring in regular income. Investment in rental properties can be done both online and offline. There are various ways you can earn income from rental properties depending on your goals and interests. You can choose to be a limited partner in a commercial property development company. You can also buy homes and be a landlord. As an investor, you can choose to buy a property online yourself and rent it out through platforms like Airbnb, Spareroom, One2One properties, etc. However, this method is capital intensive.

Alternatively, you can invest in real estate and earn fixed income with platforms like Rise and

Farmland Income: In developing countries like Nigeria, investments in agriculture are growing rapidly. There are online platforms that allow you to invest in a farm plot with ease and pay fixed interest on your investment. These platforms include Agropartnership, Acretrader, Crowdyvest, Thrive Agric just to name a few.

High Yield Savings Accounts: Platforms like PiggyVest and Chime, allow you to save with them and earn good interest on your savings. These platforms invest your deposit with them in asset back investments and pay a fixed interest on your savings. Like a regular savings account, you can withdraw your money at any time on some of their market offerings while some are for fixed periods.

This list of passive income investment options is not exhaustive as there are other electronic means of accessing these opportunities and more. We encourage our readers to read our previous post on Electronic Apps for savings and investment. We hope we have been able to help you understand what passive income is and how you can generate passive income.

Please note that we are by no means advocating for any of these platforms. Always conduct due diligence and investigations before using these or any other investment platforms.

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Thank you for reading and look out for our next article!


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